Virginia Pye | author

Dreams of the Red Phoenix

Taking her grandmother’s life as inspiration, the author of the critically acclaimed River of Dust returns with a story set in the dangerous summer of 1937. Widowed American missionary and now single mother Shirley Carson finds herself caught up in the Japanese invasion of North China and the rise of Communism. At first, she finds renewed purpose helping the injured. But as the Japanese take their village, a charismatic Red Army officer requests her help for his soldiers. As other Americans make plans to flee, Shirley must choose: between helping the Chinese Reds by serving as a nurse or escaping the war-ravaged country with her teenage son before it’s too late.


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River of Dust

On the windswept plains of northwestern China, Mongol bandits swoop down upon an American missionary couple and steal their small child. The Reverend sets out in search of the boy and becomes entangled in the desolate, corrupt countryside of opium dens, sly nomadic warlords and traveling circuses. Grace, his young wife, pregnant with their second child, takes to her sick bed in the mission compound, where visions of her stolen child and lost husband beckon to her from across the plains. In this story of retribution and a clash of cultures, these Americans find their Christian beliefs sorely tested and their concept of fate expanded as their adopted country comes to haunt them, changing not only what they believe, but who they are.


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Her Mother’s Garden

Annie Burke floats aimlessly through her twenties until she bumps into a former high school crush: Freddie Marcatelli, captain of all the teams and still a local star. As they start to date, her suspicion that they’re from different universes is confirmed when she invites him to visit her mother’s beautiful garden. Annie relishes that magical place where she tries to hold onto her childhood and her parents as they age. But Freddie has other plans for them all. He comes from a family of morning glories that bloom and block out the light, while she is from a more delicate species that may or may not make it to the next season.


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