A Third Book About to be Born

Shelf Life FinalW72.png

Parents of large families understand that while each birth is unique, they do get easier with practice. I suppose the same could be said for book births as well. My third book of fiction, Shelf Life of Happiness, is due out next month and though the thrill is the same, the panic isn’t.

Still, by working again with an indie publisher, a lot falls to me to create an audience. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing to get ready for publication.

Several new essays about the collection will appear on line around publication date. Look for them in The Literary Traveler, Beatrice.com, and other publications forthcoming.   

Interviews with me will appear at Bill Wolfe’s Read Her Like an Open Book, Leslie Pietrzyk’s Work-in-Progress blog, the Fiction Writer's Review, Deborah Kalb’s Book Q and A's, and more. 

I’ve added my collection to Goodreads and Amazon, and my publisher has added it to other book venues as well. 

My publicist has set up events at bookstores around Boston and in Richmond, Virginia, where I lived for many years. I’m always interested in visiting book clubs and other literary settings, so please be in touch. (See the Events page on my website for details.)

10/11: Richmond Launch at Page Bond Gallery, 5-8

10/23: Cambridge Launch at Porter Square Books, 7-8:30 (with Lindsay Hatton)

10/25: Newtonville Books, 7-8

11/13: Belmont Books, 7-8:30 (with Laura van den Berg)

1/10/19: Arlington Author Salon, 7-9 

If you can’t make it to one of these events, please consider ordering a copy from Press 53 by September 15 and I’ll be happy to sign it for you. Just click here: Shelf Life of Happiness.